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Raven by Douglas Krieger

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A familiar sight in our neighbourhoods, the Raven will grace any home with its presence. "I create art and furniture that helps people connect with the moment. I am inspired by my beautiful surroundings and am grateful to live amongst the grandeur of the forest. This appreciation has allowed me to open up for a journey of discovery and expression. I am instinctively drawn to working with wood and often integrate other materials into my pieces to enhance their natural energies and beauty. I enjoy exploring creative synergies with different techniques and other artists. Inspired by nature's beauty and energy, my mission is to create Earth friendly artisan quality wood products designed to help people heal and grow, both physically and spiritually. An integration of traditional woodworking techniques with modern technologies shapes my synergistic jouney of discovery and expression. The meaning of Vana in Sanskrit is a forest, wood and abundance". "Fill your space with Vana"
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