• Tuesday, March 17, 2020
  • Sunday, April 05, 2020
  • Silk Purse Arts Centre

Painters Emilie Nunez &  Julian Growcott invite us to wander through dream-like lands filled with enigmatic characters, mysterious wildlife & surreal scenes. 

Nunez's vibrant & illustrative paintings take viewers on a journey through the cycles of re-growth shared by people & the land they inhabit. Focusing on the representation of women, Nunez merges portraits of women & BC’s landscape, highlighting their collective strength & resilience. These expressions of female narratives are enhanced through their relationships to the fairytale like forests, mountains & lakes from which they emerge & inhabit.

Growcott paints starkly focused modern landscapes with surreal imagery. Influenced by lucid dreams & childhood memories of England; his subjects are as diverse as village streets, smoky factories amid pastoral countryside & high-rise buildings, most with a backdrop of curious cloud formations. Some images look like one subject but on closer inspection are quite another.

Opening Reception Tuesday March 17, 6-8pm.
Everyone welcome!

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