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Take part in enriching & exciting visual & literary Arts workshops with professional artists/instructors.  We offer workshops for all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced; in a variety of subjects, from foundational techniques to exploratory methods & approaches; both online & in-person.

    • Wednesday, August 11, 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (PDT)
    • Silk Purse Art Gallery
    • 5

    Lyrical Expression 2021
    Jane Appleby
    20 x 20
    Oil on Canvas

    Levels: Beginner - Advanced
    Ages: Youth - Adult

    Artist Jane Appleby will lead a fun & informative painting workshop focused on personal expression of the landscape. Various sketching & compositional exercises will be explored in this art class & each participant will be encouraged to paint their own expression on location in the medium of their choice. Watercolours, pastels, acrylics or oils (with odourless solvents) may be used, along with sketching pencils & ink pens. Simplification, abstraction & various ways to capture a scene will be covered. 

    This class will be outdoors & a table, chair & cover or canopy are recommended to bring along, as well as your own art supplies. Suggested supply list is available. 
    Previous painting experience may be helpful but not necessary. 

    Workshop will take place in person outside the Silk Purse Art Gallery with current Health Order precautions in place.

    Suggested Materials:

    Paint: Watercolour, Pastels, Oils or Acrylic high-quality tubes or fluids. 

    • Hansa Yellow Light, or Cadmium Yellow Light ,or Lemon Yellow
    • Quinacridone Magenta (or Red), or Alizarin or Cadmium Red Light, or Rose Madder
    • Primary Blue, or Pthalo Blue (Green shade), or Cobalt Blue, or Ultramarine, or Cerulean Blue
    • Titanium White - Large
    • Raw Umber, or Burnt Umber, or Payne’s Grey
    • Optional: Yellow Ochre, Sienna, Prussian Blue, Purple, Green, Neutral Grey, your favourites

    Brushes: Good quality synthetic, firm yet flexible. Bring your favourites & lots of them.

    • 5 Flat, bright or long, angled or filbert brushes. 1.5”, 1”, 1⁄2”, 3/8”, 1⁄4” your choice
    • 3 Round brushes with good point (no. 4 up to no. 12)
    • Tiny round with good tip (No. 00 – No.2) for detail & signature 

    Palette Knives (3 metal or plastic to mix paint for oils or acrylic

    Paint Palette: “Stay Wet” kind for acrylics. Wooden or plastic palette for oils.

    Paper towels and/or rags for wiping and cleaning

      Drawing Materials

      • Sketch Book: Ring bound sketchbook approximately 11 x 14 of at least 10 sheets. 
      • HB Pencil & eraser
      • Black Marker or wedge-shaped sharpie or black ink brush pen

      Painting Surface: Canvas or board or mounted paper. 2 of your choice eg: 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14, 12 x 16. Primed for acrylics or oils.


      • View finder or cropping tool (2 L-shaped cardboard pieces)
      • Colour Wheel
      • Small mirror
      • scissors
      • painting masking tape

      Set-up: Small portable table & chair or blanket, (painting easel or box is optional).

      If using Watercolour or Acrylics: Water Holders (2 -500 ml containers), small spray bottle, water

      If using Acrylics: Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish and/or Golden Glazing Medium

      If using Oils: medium such as walnut, or linseed, or stand oil, & odourless solvent. Wet paint carrier box for paintings & wet paint.

      Personal Needs: lunch, bottled water, sunscreen. Consider an umbrella or wide-brimmed hat.

      Artist/Instructor Bio

      Jane Appleby is an expressive & intuitive painter who paints with the vigour of her love of life, inspired by the Canadian Landscape, often painting outdoors in the tradition of the Canadian Group of Seven - "En Plein Air.” Jane was born in Cheb, Czech Republic in 1964, & her family immigrated to Vancouver in 1969, as sponsored refugees. At a young age, she learned to appreciate the outdoors with her family, who valued the new found freedom of the west coast. Jane served as president & show coordinator for Burnaby Artists Guild.

      Jane also obtained membership with The Federation of Canadian Artists & over the years took workshops from established members of the group. After many classes locally, Jane wanted to take courses outside of Canada & ventured to California to learn plein air acrylics with Marcia Burtt. She enjoyed two week-long workshops, at Cambria & Goleta Beach. She further studied aEmily Carr University where she excelled in drawing & composition of colour & received a Fine Arts Technique diploma.

      • Sunday, August 15, 2021
      • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (PDT)
      • Silk Purse Art Gallery
      • 5

      Levels: Beginner - Advanced
      Ages: Youth - Adult

      Join renowned plein air artist Alfonso Tejada for a workshop that will develop your strategies & ability to draw, sketch & ultimately paint outdoors in a free & joyful manner.

      This workshop is open to all levels of skills & focuses on how to use a preliminary sketch as a study to develop a watercolour painting. The approach is by using Conte Crayon pencil or charcoal sticks or ink pens to produce a preliminary sketch focusing on contrast & light values. This will be followed by how to transfer the sketch study to a watercolour painting. Special attention will be given to the participants to direct their work & help their painting to evolve. A plein air approach is a free & loose experience, & always a fun time to keep in mind for those days when we need to relax & connect with nature.

      Required Materials

      Conte Crayon: sepia colour (do not bring the Conte pastel pencil) 
      * Optional: Staedtler pens S, F & M, or Lamy ink pen

      Watercolour & Sketching Multi Media Pad, any size
      * Optional: one sheet of Pacon paper -  it's good & cheap, large size sheets that take conte & watercolour, & it can be divided in quarters (Note: you need a support board or pad)

      Watercolour Palette Set
      An optional limited palette 10-12 colours is ideal. Basic colours to use as a reference:

      • Hansa yellow
      • New gamboge
      • Raw sienna
      • Burn sienna
      • Cobalt blue
      • Ultramarine blue
      • Alizarin crimson
      • Sap green or Viridian
      • Opera rose
      • Watercolors Cobalt Teal Blue

      Watercolour Round Brushes # 6, # 8, # 10

      Paper Towel

      Water Container

      Easel or a Support Board to work on your lap

      Personal Needs:
      • Hat, sun glasses, sun screen, comfortable clothing
      • Folding chair
      • Lunch, bottled water

      Artist/Instructor Bio

      Alfonso Tejada's professional background as an Architect & Urban designer, & his passion for the arts was forged in his early career in Guanajuato, Mexico in the fine art studios of Professor Jesus Gallardo, where he studied drawing, watercolour painting & metal etching. His professional development in Canada in the last 42 years has merged Arts, Architecture & Urban Design & given him the opportunity to teach architectural design studios at UBC while professionally allowing him to travel to North & South America, Asia & Europe. These travels have influenced his artistic vision in teaching & organizing events & workshops in Canada, Spain & Italy.

      Alfonso's interest in plein air lead him to create events in Vancouver & be an active part of them The Cherry Blossom Festival (2007-17) & The Harmony Art Festival Plein Air Challenge (2018-present), 2 international biennales, the 2012 Federation of Canadian artists (as vice president of the FCA & member of the board 2010-2016) & the 2014 IWS BIENNALE (as first Canadian representative of the IWS Canada & member of the board 2012-2015).

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