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The 4 Seasons of B.C.

  • Wednesday, November 24, 2021
  • Sunday, December 19, 2021
  • Silk Purse Arts Centre

Artists from the North Shore Artists' Guild present stunning paintings inspired by the notion of change through seasonal depictions of British Columbia's majestic beauty.

Change is the only constant in life & there is no better truth to this axiom than the reliable changing of the seasons. This passage of time has been captured by artists since time immemorial; explored through broad allegorical meaning, political messaging, or just plain wonderment of nature's renewal.  

More than just beautiful depictions of our surroundings, the works in this exhibition are the results of the artists choice to paint a specific scene & how they paint it. That choice carries the influence of life around them. What may appear as a bucolic mountain view may carry with it an anxiety that land is being altered irreparably. Instead of seeing artists as pictorial ambassadors of our province's splendors, artists are actually prophets of what we are losing.

As we look at these paintings, we see common themes of Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter, & with it the common activities we who live & work in this province do on a seasonal basis. These works give us pause to reflect on what is important to us as we build this place we call home.

Artists featured in the exhibition:

Elizabeth J. Austin, Anne-Marie Calder, Sunny Cho, Maureen Coles, Lucy Collings, Denise D'Angelo, Wanda Doyle, Edme Focant, Julie Fox, Hans Gray, Sheryl Jacobsen, Darlene Jacques, Riitta Peirone, Kim Rosin, Farahnaz Samari, Celinda Stevens, Joanne Unruh.

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Take a tour of the exhibition & hear from some of the artists as they discuss their inspirations & processes.

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