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Elements + Abstractions

  • Tuesday, April 12, 2022
  • Sunday, May 22, 2022
  • Kay Meek Arts Centre, 1700 Mathers Ave.


Ellen Bang

'Red Green #14'

Elsa Bluethner

'Flying Saucers'

Ncola Morgan

Artists Ellen Bang, Elsa Bluethner & Nicola Morgan create abstract work in intuitive processes that focuses on fundamental design elements such as shape & rhythm, colour & value, texture & composition. 

Ellen Bang's loosely geometric paintings meditate on the  line, colour & rhythm. Bang demonstrates how a line is so much more than an ‘instrument’ to connect two points; coming in many forms & shapes; existing as visual phenomena in nature & in man-made structures; in letters & signs etc. These works are not trying to represent anything in particular & should be understood as visual expressions in their own right. 

Elsa Bluethner's work in oil & cold wax pushes the limits of the complementary palette red & green with energetic bold marks in expressive compositions. In these works, green expresses an earthy connection to nurture, natural intelligence, & healing, & red is bursting with passion, as a flower showing her full glory & calling for attention to live on with all her might. These works pull at opposites: red, green, ambiguous value, juxtaposed energies, naturally harmonious & chaotic, organized & untameable.

Nicola Morgan's process of creating her monotypes & paintings is as personal as it is mysterious. There is an intention without the burden of expectation, only the spontaneous physical act of painting. Working with colour, value & form in various mediums; reoccurring images, shapes & symbols emerge in her work. The origin of this personal visual language is a mystery to Morgan but trusting in the process unfolds new ideas. An unexpected surprise is simply an opportunity for the next experience.

Watch the Virtual Opening for an engaging conversation with the artists as they discuss their inspirations & techniques, take questions from viewers & tour the exhibition.

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